Al Khuloud Nursery

Al Khuloud Nursery

Our Teachers

Our staff consists of four teachers and four assistants. Each of our staff is carefully selected taking into consideration firstly their sensitivity to young children, their educational background and teaching experience. All staff are supervised and trained by Mrs. Maria Fernandes .To provide an even more welcoming environment for a students and to further make them feel at home and improve teacher – student understanding we have staff from different nationalities which includes srilankan, Filipino and Indian.

In addition, we have a professional nurse, nutritionist, security guard, cleaning staff, and 2 administration staff to improve the efficiency of our operations. All faculty and staff are supervised and trained by Mrs. Maria Fernandes(Head in Charge). We also have visiting doctor who visits nursery every month.

Regular meetings are held with teaching and non-teaching staff by the Head In charge to discuss various issues like performance of children and staff, improvements within the nursery, planning activities, and to gather feedback about their experience working at AL – Khuloud. Our nursery encourages the overall growth and development of our staff and, enjoys involving them in decision making.

We organize various workshops that focus on peer development and improvement in their teaching skills. These are conducted within the nursery and are organized by the teaching staff themselves after research in specific areas of child care and teaching. This helps members of the teaching faculty develop amongst themselves and build on their communication, leadership and teaching skills.

Our Curriculam

Al Khuloud Nursery accepts children who are between 2 – 4 years of age. At Al Khuloud, we follow our own independent curriculum which is a combination of reading, writing, listening, critical thinking and speaking skills development.

It provides for a scholastic curriculum for KG and a creative curriculum for toddlers. We prepare students for school by completing the basic portion for kindergarten. We strive to develop listening and speaking skills through different activities ranging from regular rhyme hour to daily orals and display charts to enhance every child’s learning experience. Coherently, we develop writing skills through daily written work in English and math on alternate days and drawing day on Thursday. We encourage the development of listening, creative thinking and speaking skills among students through various head start techniques like sing along songs and read aloud picture books. Our curriculum is also focused on the holistic development of its students therefore, we ensure children are introduced and encouraged to participate in various outdoor sports and activities suited to their age and daily exercise.

We also ensure that efforts the child makes in participating in class room activities are recognized by appreciating them through the stars program where we give children a star for their excellent written and oral work. Certificates of appreciation and participation are given out at all nursery events to encourage children. We also use simple forms of appreciation when children show signs of good behavior like acknowledging the same in front of his peers and applauding, etc.

We also organize regular field trips for the children to parks, bookstores, zoo, etc. to ensure they have a fun filled learning experience at our nursery. We also organize in house events like Earth day, Children’s day, Qatar National day and festivals like Eid and Christmas, etc. Furthermore, activities like coloring competitions, games, fancy dress, etc. are organized during these events to ensure children are provided with a platform to build on their skill and talents in the best possible way.

Parents are provided with regular feedback on the development of the child by maintaining files and books for the children with comments from the teachers. Parents can also book an appointment to speak to the nursery staff about their child and address any concerns. In addition, a reference letter is provided to all children when they leave the nursery to ensure that they can successfully seek admissions in repudiated schools in Qatar and elsewhere.